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admin Jan 31

What is this blog about?

First of all, this blog is needed to say out loud Thank You for playing SmartPref Pro! Users and their contribution is the only thing that keeps project alive and rolling. So I want to share things about the project and hear you out! Do you have an idea you want to see in app? Do you have a nasty bug that you want to get fixed? Or just want to talk to fellow users to get know each other and schedule matches? You are in the right place, this blog will cover that and more.

From my side I will post news about updates, server maintenance and everything else that is related to SmartPref Pro. Feel free to check my other posts.

admin Feb 1
This blog is very basic and is missing quite some features. So I have a plan for blog improvements:

  • Allow users delete/edit their comments
  • Add mentions and push notification for mention or comment in user post
  • Allow basic markup for uses (like images, lists, text highlighting)
  • Add likes to comments and posts